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Notre société

Our history

In 1958, nearly 60 years ago, Michel and Marcelle Motard, the parents of the current manager Antoine Motard, decided to create a processing company for cabinetmaking and carpentry. At one point, their clientele was exclusively composed of individuals. Over the years, manufacturing diversified to low tables, until 1976 when they became the core business of the company Motard. From a production of 1500 pieces by a past 15 000 today, thus fueling the need for furniture throughout the French territory. Inspiring and full of innovations are big and diversified, with the possibility to choose the color, the shade or the material of our products. Influenced by the movements of tomorrow, the company participates in the evolution of trends with work often inspired by other designers.

The collaboration between our designers and the know-how of our family business allows original and quality creations. Our company is considered as leader of the coffee table and high-end furniture, positioned in the segment of complementary furniture (coffee tables, sofa parts, consoles, small furniture, TV furniture).


Our values

French manufacturer

MOTARD is a French family business with 40 years of experience in the furniture market. She has adapted to cope with the economic context by constantly seeking new Materials, Styles and Design. Our two production sites are located in the Pays de la Loire, Verrie and Longeron, promoting local employment while respecting and enhancing our human resource.


Our know-how and our passion for the work of materials allow us to produce quality furniture. It is of course essential for us to satisfy our customers and adapt to find the best solutions in the shortest possible time. Our family business is listening to its customers, which allows us to constantly improve. We guarantee our products for a period of two years.


Concerned about our environment, we have recently certified our entire wood supply (PEFC) in order to sustainably manage our resources and thus reconcile respect for nature and the needs of consumers. A CSR policy is gradually being implemented within our company.

Design / Creativity

The perfect collaboration between the talent of the designers and the know-how of our family business allows to compose unique and inspiring creations. We work with 10 independent and recognized designers and present no less than 40 new models per year. This allows us to be at the heart of trends every year and to influence the movements of tomorrow.


We leave a wide choice in the finish of our products, in terms of colors but also of materials. The customer takes part in the process of creating his product for optimal satisfaction and flexibility in the creativity of our models.